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Espanola is going to pot … literally

Rosalind Russell-My Espanola Now, My Algoma Manitoulin Now


Espanola has been chosen as the site for not one, but two, cannabis cultivation, research and sales facility. Up to 100 jobs will be created by GaiaCann in cultivation alone, let alone scientists, researchers, security, quality assurance and more. The company is entering a reverse takeover with ONEnergy, which will also allow it to go public, expand and gain investors in medicinal cannabis research and sales. The plans are to build a 32,000-square-foot fully licenced facility in Espanola by March following by a second site next door, a 100,000-square-foot facility capable of producing 9,000 kilograms annually. And, then a third across town on a Queensway Avenue property. The research facility will allow the company to do everything from analytical testing and drug discovery to cultivation, extraction and purification.