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GaiaCann is a standard cultivation, processing, sales and research applicant under the Cannabis Regulations. GaiaCann's flagship facility, Innovation Project (2020), boasts 32,000 SF and will house our advanced extraction technology. With true quality care in mind, GaiaCann's state-of-the-art facilities will produce high-quality cannabis that not only meets but exceeds medical and compliance grade standards.  Using advanced methodologies, GaiaCann will deliver pure, safe and precisely-dosed cannabis concentrates, advanced derivative products as well as offer extraction and testing for other producers. GaiaCann's is a true medical cannabis company that is focused on creating a positive and unique patient experience


To become a leader in medical research globally and provide consistent, high-quality products to those licensed to access cannabis for medical purposes in Canada.


To help create a world where people understand and embrace the power of high-quality medical cannabis and its natural benefits to both the mind and body.